Nick Moen



Nick Moen earned a BFA from Alfred University, focusing on ceramic art, design, and materials science. Moen founded Nick Moen Studios in 2013, initially collaborating with chefs to make custom tableware. In 2016, Moen launched The Bright Angle Handmade Design Studio where he continues to design and produce his own work.  


Nick Moen Studios, based in Asheville, North Carolina, produces functional handmade porcelain to accent daily rituals. The work is based on a firm understanding of materials and integrates the finest clay with custom-made glazes. Each piece is the product of a small batch, produced from an expanding library of handmade molds. Small batch slip casting creates a beautiful marriage of handcrafted design and elegant precision. It allows a design to be reproduced with consistency and quality without losing its identity as a handcrafted object.

Nick Moen strives to expose his making process by embedding clues to how each piece was made. This encourages the user to create a personal relationship with the object and to continue to discover more with each use. The shape, colors, textures, and unique markings of each piece tell a story revealed over time.